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“I have come to know the heart behind serving.” Wherever she goes, this Malaysian student is impacting lives for Christ.

A joyful girl with a heart for God, Celestie Liew is shining the light of Christ’s love in her campus and community.

Celestie wears many hats. A third-year accounting student at Multimedia University Cyberjaya by day, the 22-year-old juggles the weight of many responsibilities on the side. She’s currently president of the MMU Christian society, serves in her church and plays supporting roles in several interest groups for children, youth and campus students.

Taking her love for others from coast to coast

Hailing from the seaside town of Sandakan, Sabah, where seafood is as fresh as it gets and wispy, white clouds float across a blinding blue sky, Celestie’s love for Jesus and people cannot be denied. While the pandemic locked many in their homes and friends grew distant, she saw an opportunity to see God move. More than that, she wanted to be part of God’s move.

“God did not limit my spirit to the four walls of my room. In 2020, I was prompted to become proactive in CampusCity (a ministry by ACTS Church) where I built my faith and spirit in Christ, and caught the vision of reaching out to those who did not have the same pillar of hope as I do.”

Empowered with boldness and faith, Celestie became driven to lead purposeful initiatives in her campus, conducting in-depth Bible study sessions, prayer meetings and fun get-togethers so Christians would grow in faith and fellowship. As connection was built, God opened her eyes to the needs around her and together with her committee, Celestie began sowing acts of love. And in time, as they always do, the seeds bore fruit.

In the pandemic, Celestie kept her community connected. Image Source: Celestie Liew

Stories began trickling in, testimonies of God’s faithfulness and grace. A college friend struggling through her internship was able to exit the difficult workplace and finish her internship with a lecturer. A fundraising initiative for a non-regular member of their Christian Society provided him with a month’s rent, a timely miracle as he was on the verge of eviction. Celestie also challenged her team to believe and pray with her for more members to join the MMU Christian Society, and sure enough, God brought them in, each a life with purpose and calling.

“I learnt that you can never stretch your capacity until you allow your capacity to be stretched. The same goes for faith. I thought believing and attending church was enough. But by putting my faith into action and seeing the fruits of my faith, it edifies my spirit and ensures that I reflect Jesus in all I do. I have come to know the heart behind serving, and serving within my own capabilities, and how even that would impact the most unexpected people as well.”

A life that’s sown into, sows back

Celestie sharing life and ministry with her Huddle leader, Irene Lau. Image Source: Celestie Liew

Looking back, Celestie believes her Huddle leader (small groups organised by ACTS Church) played a pivotal role in her journey of faith and impact. Irene Lau saw her potential as a spiritual leader and challenged Celestie to root herself in church. As her faith grew, so did her desire to serve God wherever He placed her. Throughout her time in MMU, Celestie confidently states that Jesus came through for her, every time. She believes that because she honoured Him with her obedience, He honoured her with testimonies of blessing.

“You dont have to be the best, but if it’s your best, you can definitely use it for good! There is meaning when you are able to help and love the people around you. And what is better than others knowing you are able to do so because you worship a gracious God. Finally, being able to reflect Jesus in my life and give hope to those who have lost it is one of my life’s purposes that I strive to portray as best I can.”

Celestie’s favourite Scripture in this season is John 16:33, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” She holds on to this verse because it reminds her that Jesus has already overcome every challenge, every fear, even death, and that He is with us from beginning to end.

MMU Christian Society committee, a testimony of united faith. Image Source: Celestie Liew

Looking ahead, Celestie hopes to encourage others in her generation to live out their faith wherever God has placed them. Her words of advice: “From my experience, if you are looking to get a closer relationship to God, always take a step forward rather than stay stagnant. Have faith and let God lead your hands and feet though the future may be uncertain. You may never know it, but your small act of love or prayer out of courage could lead someone back to Christ.”

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