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8 confessions of a young Christian mom

This Mother’s Day, we asked a mother of two young children (aged 5 and below) to share her reflection on motherhood so far. Read on and if any resonate with you, let us know at!

  1. I get anxious about bringing my toddler to church because of the looks I get when she has a meltdown during service (can’t get out of the sanctuary fast enough) 
  2. I’m so grateful for a Whatsapp group of mothers in church. We encourage one another, pass around pre-loved items and get recommendations for baby-friendly places to go.
  3. Learning that motherhood is worship has brought me through the sleepless nights, exhaustion and loneliness of the first few years. 
  4. God’s grace is sufficient when you’re trying to be on time for a 10am service only for your daughter to do a big poop at 9.30am. And you can’t rush her. 
  5. It would be nice for church leaders to understand that as working parents of young children with no help, we just can’t serve as much in this season. 
  6. We love Sunday School! Yay for two hours of child-free time.
  7. God’s Word holds more solutions to my motherhood struggles that mom influencers and parenting books combined. 
  8. Thankful for Jesus. He doesn’t make a big deal of screen time or the way I cut fruits. He knows I’m just doing my best!

As a family of God, our support matters

Motherhood is hard work. In this day and age, many young mothers juggle work, breast or bottle feeding, domestic chores, family and for some, even ministry. How can we, as a community of believers and the family of God, support young mothers in light of Christ and the gospel? Some ways could include…

Offering young mothers an afternoon off

If you’re a seasoned parent and have earned their trust, a few hours off for young parents to catch their breath (and catch up on conversation with one another) would be much appreciated.

Understanding that young parents may not be able to serve as much

As pastors or ministry leaders, a little understanding goes a long way for those under your care who may have to step back from serving for a while as they enter parenthood. From sleep deprivation to managing feeds, sleep transitions, illness and more, the first few years can be a stretch.

Having an adult conversation

Young mothers often spend much of their day in baby talk, repeating words or telling stories to a little human who cannot respond fully yet. This is especially true for mums who choose the high calling of staying at home to care for their children full-time. Many appreciate a sliver of adult conversation that may or may not involve their mom experiences, so don’t be afraid to head over after service and strike up a conversation!

Praying for them (with them)

If you see a tired mum in church, she would most probably appreciate a prayer or word of encouragement. If you are able, offer to pray with and for her before or after service. Ask if there’s anything you can pray for, and don’t forget to encourage her in the work and ministry of motherhood.

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