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With personal breakthroughs, visions of Jesus and repentant hearts, Malaysian Christian youth share their testimonies after Empowered 2023

Youth Alive Malaysia’s national youth conference, Empowered 2023, saw over 100 youth and leaders from 21 churches coming together to seek God, dig into His Word and fellowship with other like-minded believers. 

The two-day conference held on 20-22 February at His Sanctuary of Glory, KL is the first physical gathering organised by Youth Alive Malaysia (the youth arm of Assemblies of God in Malaysia) since the pandemic hit. 

Here, several youths share with Faithour their personal testimonies from the conference and night rallies. These are stories of hope, transformation, repentance, and breakthroughs that are only possible with Jesus Christ.

“God has revealed His desire and plan for my life” – Jonathan

I thank God for the opportunity to join the National Youth Conference recently. I was greatly blessed and impacted by all the sermons and they challenged me to hunger and thirst for God more.

During the prayer sessions, God ministered through the many pastors and I felt that those words were the words of the season for me. God has also revealed His desire and plan for my life.

This conference has certainly impacted me as I sense the Holy Spirit starting to work in me. I have made a decision to be serious in my walk with God and draw closer to him every day.

Jonathan is part of the youth ministry of Penang Christian Centre. 

“Being vulnerable with God has always been one of my struggles”- Ying Xin

I thank God for this opportunity to be at the conference to encounter God personally and witness the Holy Spirit working mightily among us, especially after a period of feeling stagnant spiritually.

Being vulnerable with God has always been one of my struggles, and when God set me free from my doubts and fear during worship, I felt ever so relieved in my soul — a feeling I can never forget!

It was a breakthrough in acknowledging who God was, has always been, and will be in my life and whom I now desire unending intimacy with.

My greatest takeaway from the conference was definitely the reignition of fire, and an experience of God’s revival in my life, bringing me back into a closer personal relationship with Him.

God reminded me of my identity in Christ and it helped me to find my confidence once again in Him, that He is the faithful God I can depend on all my life. All glory to God!

Ying Xin is part of the youth ministry of the Glory Assembly of God, Cheras.

“A deep desire for the presence of God, with young people empowered by the Holy Spirit and moving in spiritual gifts” – Pr Jon Roberts

The Youth Alive Conference was a unique experience. As a pastor and leader, this was the first youth conference that we had coming out of the post-pandemic. 

Going with our youth group from Bethany, we had an expectation of excitement. We hadn’t had an in-person youth conference like this for a while and during the conference, it fulfilled every expectation. 

As a pastor and leader, throughout the conference, I experienced and witnessed the hunger of the youths. The main takeaway was seeing youths from different parts of Malaysia coming with hunger and expectation. The result was a deep desire for the presence of God, young people empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit and young people moving in the spiritual gifts during some of the key workshops.

And the sight of young people bowing, kneeling and crying out for the presence of God is an unmistakable experience. The passion and hunger for the presence of God is awakening and as a pastor to see this tangibly take place is a cry from my heart. 

To see young people empowered and winning/crying out for their generation is a longing. Truly this generation is awakening to a deep desire for God.

Pr Jon Roberts is a pastor leading the youth ministry at Bethany Church, Kepong.

“A vision of Jesus and angels pouring out anointing oil over HIs people” – Ben

Although I only joined the night rally of the Empowered Conference, I was still able to encounter God through worship and preaching. I was able to witness God pouring out His love and anointing over the youth. 

Throughout the night rallies, God taught me how to worship Him freely and even showed me a vision of Jesus and the angels pouring out anointing oil over His people. 

This is truly an experience that I have never encountered before. I am thankful for attending this conference. And may the Lord continue to pour out His spirit to the younger generations in Malaysia.

Ben attends the Glory Assembly of God, Cheras. 

A glimpse of revival

For Pr Tan Szet Anne, national youth director of Youth Alive Malaysia, the conference has given Christian youth and leaders in Malaysia a glimpse of revival.

Pr Tan Szet Anne (front row, maroon top) with the Youth Alive Malaysia and HSG teams

“We have been receiving testimonies from youths of how the conference had been a pivotal point to break down walls in their hearts, turn from their old ways and call them back to fully surrender themselves to God.

“The empowerment of the Holy Spirit is not just an experience but a very real indwelling and manifestation of God’s power in everyday life for the extension of His kingdom here on earth,” she says. 

Read more about Empowered 2023 and how God is moving powerfully here.

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