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“I did whatever a doctor and Christian should do. But God said, “If you want to see something supernatural, you cannot work in a natural way”,” – Ying Ying on her miraculous healing at Tribal Gathering 2023

Tribal Gathering was a three-day rally from 5-7 October in Miri, Sarawak commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Borneo Spiritual Revivals. Ying Ying, a traditional Chinese medicine physician who travelled from KL for the event, shares her incredible testimony of healing and the importance of simple obedience. She worships at Harvest Generation Church, KL. 

On the second day of the Tribal Gathering, I developed a severe sore throat. I lost my voice. Trying to help myself, I took medicine, drank plenty of water and ate fruits. I laid hands and prayed for myself, and asked my friend to pray for me. I did whatever a doctor and Christian should do. 

But instead of getting better, it just got worse. On the morning of the third day, I began coughing blood and green phlegm. I was shocked and asked God, “How did my condition worsen so quickly?” Questions began to plague me. 

Was I negligent? Is it because I didn’t blow dry my hair after a night wash, or because I didn’t wear a mask? Or is my relationship with God lacking intimacy? Am I not praying enough? Have my clinical skills regressed? The questions kept coming. 

I started to doubt myself because, before this occasion, I had always been able to recover, either through healing after prayer or medicine. But this time, nothing worked. 

I told God, “I will still go for Tribal Gathering today and the healing rally tonight. Since my prayers have not worked, maybe someone else’s will.” 

That morning, when they called for women who have a heart for their nation to come to the altar, I went immediately. There, I was touched by the Holy Spirit and tears started running down my cheeks. I couldn’t stop it. 

On the third morning, women were called up to take hold of their God-given destiny.

Then I heard one of the speakers say, “Women, raise your voice! Release your voice!” Immediately, I could feel the pain in my throat subside and my voice began to come back. It wasn’t a complete return, but enough for me to worship freely. 

Then I felt the Lord tell me, “People always think if they work hard and pray more, I will bless them. Just like how you think healing works. Go and tell the people, that if you want to experience the supernatural, you cannot work in a natural way. You thought you needed to go for a healing rally to be healed, but I healed you when you worshipped. If you want to see something supernatural, you have to obey.”

At that moment, God broke my logic as a doctor and a student of science. When I had been asking only for a physical breakthrough, He gave me the spiritual breakthrough I had been praying in such an unexpected way.

The Lord then reminded me of the man born blind. People around asked Jesus why he had been born blind. Was it because of his sin or the sins of his ancestors? Jesus replied that it was neither, but it is so that the power of God can be displayed in him.

I was immediately in awe. God was telling me that I had fallen sick not because of my negligence, but to reveal His glory. Wow. He wanted me to comfort others struggling with sickness too. 

God told me, “I will use your voice to bless many. Go and share this testimony after this session.” 

But I told Him, “I don’t want lah, I still have a slight sore throat, wait till I am 100% healed. What if I share the testimony and the pain comes back, then people will say: “You sure it’s God? Maybe it’s an adrenaline rush, maybe it’s just your feelings? Your God’s healing is so temporary?” I don’t want people to misunderstand or talk bad about You. Let me observe for a while first.”

Then, my sore throat came back fully during the second session. So I told God, “See, I told you. The pain came back 100%”. There was pain when I talked and every time I swallowed. I told God, “I am going for the healing rally tonight.”

So I went. Two people prayed for me, one of them prayed three times. But I didn’t get better, not even a little bit. While I was waiting for more people to pray for me, two ladies holding a big sign passed me. The sign said, “Share Your Testimony”. I looked at it, wrestling in my heart.

Every evening, those seeking healing could ask to be prayed for by ministering teams before the night rallies began.

I was hoping more people could pray for me, but time was running out because the night rally was about to start. The stirring in my spirit grew stronger, so I knew I had to share. I called them over and shared what happened to me. They were amazed and asked if they could record me on video. I agreed. When I was done with the recording, my pain had completely gone. 

When I obeyed, I was immediately and completely healed of my sore throat. My voice was still hoarse, but the pain was gone. Again God said, “I am going to use your voice to bless many.” 

I have always thought I’m not fit enough to preach, lead or teach. However, God has assured me that He will use my voice, so I can be brave and speak of God, pray for others and lead them to Him.

Often we think only about our work, family, and finances – issues surrounding our personal lives.  Sometimes we get so numb in the Christian life that we need personal encounters with Jesus.

When we only see our capacity at one level, we only can receive that much from God. but if we set our eyes on greater things, our capacity will grow bigger and we will receive much more from God. 

I hope that my generation will rise up for God and have a heart for Malaysia and for revival. 

I hope we are willing to constantly repent before Him, to be vulnerable and willing to be used by Him.

I hope we don’t just run overseas for better pay or quality of life. We are called to build a godly, better Malaysia together. 

Let’s not limit our supernatural God to our natural ways.

Ying Ying with Joy, an 11-year-old Lun Bawang and prayer warrior whose grandfather was one of the leaders during the Ba’kelalan Revival in 1973.

Tribal Gathering drew crowds of up to 4,000, with believers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore gathering to seek God for revival once again. For more information on Tribal Gathering, click here.

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