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Hear what Johor’s Christian voters are praying for this March 2022 election

On 12 March 2022, Johor’s going to the polls. The snap election was called after Kempas assemblyman and former Menteri Besar Dato’ Osman Sapian passed away, leading to the state assembly’s dissolution on 22 January this year. With 56 seats up for grabs and 29 needed for a winning majority, it’s slated to be an interesting fight as several political parties and coalitions enter the race.

As polling day draws near, we asked several Christians in Johor who’ll be casting their votes on election day a simple question: What is your hope and prayer for the upcoming election? Read on for their thoughts, and stand in prayer with Johor as they vote for their future.

“A wake-up call for young people to stand up” – Paulus, 34

“My hope for the elections is for it to be clean and fair, that the rakyat are allowed to let their voice be heard. My prayer is that transparency and democracy prevails. As for the result, I pray this be a wake-up call for young people to stand up for their country be it the rakyat, but more so those representing us in government, that everyone can Hope even when it doesnt feel hopeful. That good leaders be elected into a better future.”

“We Johoreans will realise our vote matters” – Ivy, 40+

“We give thanks for the right to vote. My prayer is that God will help Johoreans to hold this privilege and responsibility with care and awareness so that we realise our vote matters. It is an act of faith and trust.

The Johor state election will be held on 12 March 2022. Image Source: Johor Now

“Leaders who have a heart for the people” – Wan Jun, 31

“My hope for the March 2022 election in Johor is it will be a clean and fair election without any corruption or tricks to win the election. My prayer for the election is that the Lord will personally raise up the leaders who have the heart for the people and will lead Johor righteously.”

“All attempts at trickery and corruption will be exposed and foiled” – Ryan, 34

“I remember waking up on 10th May 2018 after staying up into the wee hours to watch the election results. I remember thinking that the sun seemed a little brighter and the birds seem to sing a little louder. I remember struggling to wrap my head around the fact that our country had just accomplished what seemed to be impossible: a peaceful change of government despite so many attempts at deceit.

Ryan, 34, hopes to see truth and righteousness prevail. Image Source: Ryan Nair

Since then, it’s been so easy to feel like it was all for nothing. But I hope and pray that this coming Johor election, I will wake up the day after to a similar feeling. I hope and pray that all attempts at trickery and corruption will be exposed and foiled. I hope and pray that Johor will receive leaders that will stand for truth and righteousness.

“I hope the leaders elected will always help people.” – Abigail, 10

“Leaders are important. At school, we get to elect our class monitor. Our class monitor helps us whenever we need help and also helps the teacher to manage the class. I think it is the same for the coming election. Adults who are going to vote need to pray for good leaders. I pray that God will help the people make wise choices about the leaders they choose. I hope the leaders elected will always help people.”

Abigail is praying for good leaders. Source: Regina (mother)

Although not of voting age yet, we’d like to thank Abigail for sharing her prayer for the upcoming election. May we approach our Father in childlike faith and pray alongside Johor’s Christian community this week.

If you would like to pray alongside Johoreans for the upcoming election, you can use the prayer below as a guide!

Dear Lord Jesus, we commit the Johor State Election on 12 March 2022 into Your loving hands. As Johoreans go to the polls, we ask for righteous, just and compassionate leaders to be elected into power, people who have a heart for Johor, her people and the nation. We ask for the protection, safety and health of all involved in the election process, whether voter, polling/counting agent or the authorities. We pray for an honest, fair and transparent process, that any attempt at corruption or dishonesty will come to light. Lord Jesus, may Your goodness and mercy overflow in the land of Johor, may truth and justice prevail! We trust Your sovereignty, and know that You love Johor and Malaysia more than we ever could. Thank You, Father, for your love for Johor and her people.

in jesus’ name, Amen.

Cover Image: Kota Tinggi, Johor by Alfred on Unsplash

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