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OM in Malaysia celebrates 40 years of God’s faithfulness 

With hearts of gratitude and thankfulness to the Lord, missions organisation OM marked 40 years in Malaysia last Saturday (29 June). 

Pari Bala, who serves on the OM leadership team in East Asia and is a former national director of OM in Malaysia, welcomed those who gathered at PJEFC for the Thanksgiving Service. 

“We are here to mark God’s faithfulness as we look back at the past, and ahead into the future,” she said, thanking supporters, prayer partners and fellow workers in attendance. 

The Malaysia office of the international missions organisation was first incorporated in 1984. 

With a call to bring God’s love to the farthest ends of the earth, OM’s mission is to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

To date, 600 Malaysians have been sent out as full-time mission workers through OM. 

Thousands of Malaysian believers and churches have also been mobilised to bring God’s love to the least reached through OM ships and flagship programmes including Out of the Comfort Zone (OCZ).

OM supporters and workers unite to thank God for His faithfulness to the ministry.

Honouring the Malaysian Church

OM international director, Lawrence Tong, honoured the Malaysian community of believers and revealed how pivotal Malaysian support had been in the launching of OM ship, Logos Hope. 

Plagued by delays, resources were running low for the ship to be sent out.

Sensing God’s direction, Tong worked with OM in Malaysia to organise a fundraising dinner in KL, inviting Christian investors, business leaders, ministry partners and churches. 

That night, enough was raised to launch the ship and the event holds the record for the largest amount raised in a single night in OM history. 

“So three things we must never forget… the people God raised up through OM in Malaysia: 600 full-time missionaries and thousands of partners; the supporters and churches who partner with us and the opportunities that God has given through the OM ministry,” he said. 

Tong added that 80% of the global church will be non-West by 2030. This presents significant opportunities for Asian missionaries to step forth. 

OM in Malaysia national director, Joseph Ting, smiles for the camera with two volunteers, Peter and Shanti.

Mobilising the local church for global missions

At the service, long-serving OM workers including East Asia Area missions mentor Rodney Hui (50+ years in OM), Woody Kim who served OM in Thailand for many years and East Asia Area director Ashley Tee shared brief reflections of their own. 

Tee highlighted the need to localise missions further through local leadership, ownership, initiative and finally, local sustainability. 

Finally, OM in Malaysia national director, Joseph Ting, shared future aspirations for the work here in Malaysia.

“We hope to mobilise 40,000 people in the next four years for global missions and future leadership and to send 10 people out each year through the Send the Hope programme,” he revealed. 

This includes a new focus on engaging with vernacular churches and raising up missionaries from Chinese, Tamil and Bahasa-speaking congregations. 

Emmeline, a volunteer who spent a year aboard an OM ship with her husband and children, encouraged Malaysian believers to look out. 

“I hope that we will look further. When you see the bigger picture, you’ll see just how great the needs are beyond what we are familiar with,” she said. 

Her husband, Herbert, remarked that a good question all believers can ask is, “Is there one person I can share God’s love with today?”

“We may not be able to be full-time missionaries or leave home, but the mission field is wherever our feet step,” he said, adding that other ways to partner include prayer and support. 

A bazaar with books, resources and interactive stations welcomed guests at the event.

God continues to do more than we ask or imagine

The celebration on Saturday also featured a bazaar with seven interactive stations explaining OM’s work locally and globally. Booths sold books and other resources found on OM ships. 

Albert Teh, who sits on the OM Global Board, was also present. In his exhortation, he encouraged all to take a pause and give thanks to God for all He has done through OM. 

“When I think of the 600 young, inexperienced but willing Malaysians who have stepped out in missions over the past 40 years, it is beyond anything we could have imagined,” he said. 

“I was surprised by God. They were surprised by God. When was the last time you were surprised by God?”

OM in Malaysia will be hosting 40th anniversary thanksgiving services in Kota Kinabalu (Aug 2024) and Penang (Sept 2024). To learn more, click here.

To explore ways you can partner with OM in Malaysia, get on board a ship, join a short-term programme or invite the OM team to your church (English and Chinese-language sharings available), click here.

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