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“May my life be broken bread for the nations”- Ps Sabrina Low on obeying God’s call to the sleepy town of Miri, Sarawak 

“What good can come out of Miri, Sarawak?”

When Singaporean pastor Sabrina Low first heard the Lord’s command to plant a church in the quiet oil and gas town of Miri, Sarawak over a decade ago, the struggle was real. 

“When I prayed, “Lord, send me to the nations,” I meant roads less travelled, nations with a Christian minority. Miri is a Christian city with churches everywhere! God, please don’t send me there,” she recalled. 

At the time, Sabrina was a youth pastor at Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore (Cornerstone), leading a thriving bunch of 500 teenagers.

But when the following months brought confirmation one after the other, Sabrina knew she had to obey. In 2015, together with Sarawakian pastor Rachel Bulan, she co-founded Cornerstone Community Church, Borneo. 

Her call to full-time ministry and church planting, however, goes back to her childhood years.

Sabrina’s life is a testimony of being called out, learning to obey and walking in the supernatural.

Ps Sabrina Low, co-lead pastor of Cornerstone Community Church Borneo

A tumultuous start to the faith

Sabrina is a first-generation Christian. When she was eight, her aunt began taking her to Cornerstone and at 10 years old, she experienced Jesus in a very real way.

“We were singing, “I will have no other gods before You” and my heart became so warm. Tears started flowing; I had encountered the presence of God,” she said. 

After that, the young girl began having dreams of preaching the gospel, and over the years, words were spoken over her to confirm her calling to full-time ministry. 

At 14 years old, however, life took a turn. With secondary school came temptations and pleasures of the world. 

“I backslid and became very rebellious,” she said. Her parents, who had become Christians by then, were at their wits’ end.

A life saved by grace

It was three years later at 17 years old that she had a special God encounter, one that would change the trajectory of her life. 

“I had hit a dead end because I was nearly going to be expelled from school. In Singapore, it’s a big deal because education is so esteemed. I was so wrecked on my way home,” she said. 

Her first thought was to run away, but without money or a job, she knew it would not last. The second option was to end her life. 

She walked to her kitchen window (her apartment was on the 10th floor) and opened it, but the fear of God gripped her heart. 

Sabrina’s third thought was God. She made a pact that day, promising to give her life as a blank canvas to the Lord if He would prevent her expulsion from school. 

“I was crying and wanted to show the Lord how serious I was. I drew a line on my carpet and said, “God I know You’re real, I’ve heard so many testimonies of how You change lives. I don’t want to be living in sin anymore.”

She crossed the line and then fell to her knees, weeping. When she stood up, it was as if a whole load had been lifted off her. For the first time, she felt free.

Two weeks later, she was summoned to the principal’s office to discuss her potential expulsion. 

Her principal expelled her accomplice, then turned to Sabrina and said: “You’re a bright student, Sabrina. Your teachers and I have decided to give you a second chance. Do well and prove that we made the right decision.” 

Dumbfounded, she knew it had to be God. She changed her phone number and stopped mixing with particular friends (knowing temptations were still very real).

“I became zealous for the things of God, serving Him in church and earning the nickname “Holy Cow,” she said with a laugh. 

Sabrina (on stage) leading worship at Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore’s youth ministry.

Answering the full-time call

After finishing her studies at Tung Ling Bible School in Singapore (majoring in leadership and ministry), Sabrina became a corporate trainer and consultant.

Over the next three years, her senior pastor, Ps Yang Tuck Yoong, would call to ask if she was open to full-time ministry. Twice he called, and twice she declined. 

Then in March 2010, she had a vision of two roads. 

One had her company’s name on it — it was dark and depressing, trees were dying and flowers wilting. The other spelt out ‘full-time ministry’ and was in full bloom, with fruits and lush greenery. 

Sabrina knew the time had come. 

She said, “God, if this is the right time, let Ps Yang ask me again.” A week to the day, the call came. “Sabby, are you ready to step into full-time ministry?” 

She answered with a resounding yes, but wanted her parents’ blessings first. 

At that time, Sabrina’s mother had been hurt by the church and warned her never to enter full-time ministry or risk being disowned. 

“The Lord works in wonderful ways. Instead of calling my mother, she calls me. She’s in tears. My parents and another couple had just finished praying, and their friend said to my mum, “Christine, your daughter has a calling from God and you cannot stop her from answering. If you stop her, she is going to miss the boat of destiny in her life.” 

And so, with her parents’ blessings, the young woman began her full-time journey on 1 April 2010 — April Fool’s Day. 

Surely, Sabrina says, the Lord has a sense of humour. 

Sabrina with her parents, who released her with their blessing into full-time ministry in 2010.

Taking the first steps into Sarawak

One and a half years into serving as a youth pastor, Sabrina was invited by Rachel Bulan to speak at her church’s youth camp in Miri, Sarawak. 

Although it was her only rest week that December, having committed to speak at three other camps, the Holy Spirit prompted her to go. 

“I was informed there would be 60-80 youths, and numbers are usually never an issue for me. But when I got there, there were only 18 sign-ups and 10 of them were the camp committee!” 

Wondering why she had given up her precious rest week for such a small camp, the Lord clapped back with a mighty move of His Spirit. 

So powerful was the camp and response of the young people that permanent fruits came forth from that weekend. Until today, they remain on fire for Jesus. 

A divine friendship: Pr Sabrina Low and Pr Rachel Bulan are best friends and co-labourers.

Asking the Lord for an impossible sign

When Sabrina returned to Singapore, she would wake up every morning thinking of Miri, Sarawak. 

Two months later, the Lord spoke to her crystal-clear to plant a church there. 

It was such a drastic move that Sabrina asked the Lord for a sign, an impossible one. “It’s not my habit to pray and ask for signs but this was such a major decision, I pleaded with the Lord for a clear and impossible confirmation.”

Scheduled to meet a youth for lunch one day, she asked God to bring to her a person with a leg problem. She would pray for the person, who must be completely healed.

True enough, a young woman with a bandaged knee limped along the street toward her, supported by her mother. 

But it was lunch hour and Sabrina did not want to step out of the queue from the ATM, so she didn’t move. 

Convicted afterwards, she desperately looked for the pair to no avail. But two hours later, she and her youth were in Starbucks when the young woman walked in. 

Sabrina approached her without hesitation and after two rounds of prayer, the young lady was completely healed. 

It was the confirmation she needed.

From a bustling city to a quiet town 

Acting fast, Sabrina sought Ps Yang’s counsel and began monthly trips to Miri to run the youth service at a local church where Ps Rachel’s father, Solomon Bulan, was senior pastor at the time.

But God was shifting things around and preparing the hearts of Ps Rachel and Sabrina to start a church of a ‘new wineskin’. 

On one occasion while Sabrina was in Singapore, the Lord woke her up at 2 a.m. and gave her a vision of impending revival that would come upon Miri and spread to other regions. 

“The Lord said, “You say, what good can come out of Miri? Watch, for revival is going to come through Miri. My winds are going to come and spread across the region.”

This vision was later confirmed when Ps Rachel, in Miri, had a similar encounter on the same day, prompting her to partner with Sabrina in ministry.

On 2 August 2014, with Ps Solomon’s blessing, the duo birthed Cornerstone Community Church Borneo in Miri. 

Cornerstone Community Church, Miri opened the doors to its new building in 2023.

Serving under God’s favour 

The church grew as God gave them blueprints. He told Sabrina, “You’re not to focus on growing a big church, but on growing big people.” 

That steered the course of their entire church-planting journey. Quantity always comes after quality, she emphasises. 

In a few years, Cornerstone Miri had over 300 members and in 2018, a second church was planted in Kuching, Sarawak.

In October 2023, Ps Rachel and Sabrina led the organising committee of Tribal Gathering, a powerful three-day rally that saw 4,000 believers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei gather in Miri to pray for revival.

“You can toil all day and night, and catch nothing. Favour with the Lord is always better than labour. When that convergence happens, your effort and fruits get multiplied,” she said. 

Living in the supernatural 

What lies ahead? Sabrina does not fully know. 

She is a planner by nature but has learned to walk in rhythm with the Lord. 

“Small is the new big, that’s what He’s said. Church decentralised. Whether we are being prepared for persecution or another pandemic, we must ready the Bride of Christ for what is to come,” she said soberly. 

The passionate pastor challenges others considering the full-time call to seek godly counsel, spiritual covering and accountability. 

“Once you’ve tasted the goodness of God, you’ll never want to go back to what society deems normal,” she says emphatically, challenging believers to live and walk in the Spirit.

It’s been over a decade of church planting, but Ps Sabrina knows there’s more to be done. 

The Lord has laid a few places upon her heart to plant churches in. 

“May my life be broken bread for the nations. Here I am, Lord. Send me. My heart’s cry is always revival to the nations and reformation to society that God’s glory would invade countries and people groups.” she said. 

Sabrina (centre) being prayed for in Cornerstone Community Church, Kuching.

This article was first published in Salt&Light. All photos by Sabrina Low.

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