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7 ways to talk about Jesus without skipping a beat

We’re kicking off Easter week with a reframe! Jesus is alive, but do we talk like He is? It’s time to make Jesus conversations normal again, but how? 

When it comes to conversations about faith, it can be pretty awkward if you’re not confident, self-conscious or like some of us, overthinkers. But talking about Jesus can be easy and make for interesting, engaging conversations with friends and family!

After all, if He’s the best thing that’s happened to you, wouldn’t you want to talk about Him?

Conversations about Jesus can happen anywhere, anytime. Source: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Check out these no-fuss ways to make Jesus conversations easy

1. Talk music

Everyone loves music. It’s one of those things we can only thank God for because it makes the world so much better. There are great Christian artists in every genre you can think of with amazing beats and tunes; share a song you like and get talking.

2. Meme it

Memes have taken over our lives; in fact these days we can have entire conversations without words, just memes! Look out for funny faith memes, videos or content and introduce them to a friend or two.

3. Throw out the buzzwords

If you grew up in a Christian family and in church, you’d know these power-packed words: testimony, prayer request, praise report, cell group, but guess what — others don’t. Try switching it up when talking about your faith; testimony >>> personal story; praise report >>> something super cool that happened to me the other day. 

4. Highlight your faith journey on Instagram

This is simple but very helpful. Make records of all the times Jesus has made a difference to you in one way or another, share them on your story and compile it all into a highlight on Instagram. Your friends can always tap through them when visiting your profile.

5. (Don’t) preach it 

Nobody likes being preached to, well, maybe just outside of a church setting. Meaningful conversations only take place when we stop trying to be right, and focus on learning and growing together

Make conversations meaningful with fun and authenticity. Source: Barney Yau on Unsplash

6. Tack on a trend 

Jesus is relevant. He’s current. So if it’s on the news, it’s something you can use. Get talking about social issues and world events, and what Jesus would’ve done if He’d been on earth today.

7. Get personal 

The most powerful, engaging stories are those with you in them. Everyone has a story to tell, lessons we’ve learned, a growth journey we’re on. For us, we have Jesus in our journey — how has that made a difference? Share it!

Each day proclaim the good news that he saves. Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does. ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭96:2-3‬ ‭

Our faith is meaningful because Jesus is alive. Easter is here to remind us of what that means for us; because of Jesus Christ we have a future and a hope, because of Him we can have a rich and satisfying life. Doesn’t that make Him worth talking about?

Cover Image: Barney Yau on Unsplash

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