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4,000 people refired and empowered with the embers of revival as Tribal Gathering closes

The Holy Spirit took centre stage on the third and final day of the Tribal Gathering here in Miri, Sarawak, with poignant God encounters throughout the three sessions.

It was certainly not a muted morning at the Miri Indoor Stadium as emergent Malaysian revivalists stood together on stage to lead the congregation in a time of prayer and pressing into His presence.

Josh Yeoh and team led praise and worship with songs including Ganjaran and I Say Yes, lifting the name of Jesus Christ, declaring His sovereignty and inviting His presence to fill the place.

Alongside Pr Rachel Bulan and Pr Sabrina Low of Tribal Gathering and Cornerstone Borneo were Pr Michael and Tabitha Lam of LifeGen Church PJ, Pr Calvin Hong of Awaken Generation (Singapore) and Pr Jonathan Chandra of Calvary Community Church JB.

“God is raising up a generation of women evangelists in Malaysia and around the world,” boomed Pr Jonathan, who spent a decade in Redding, California with Bethel Church before returning to Malaysia.

In a divine moment of peacemaking, he apologised to women who had been hurt, silenced, discouraged or dismissed by the men in their lives. Pr Sabrina then stepped up, proclaiming God’s heart to once again restore the voices of women and that of the fivefold ministry in the church.

In a special encounter with Jesus, women came to the altar to worship, seek the Lord and be ministered to.

“We will see more women stepping into their calling. Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers,” she said.

The Holy Spirit ministered to many women in those few hours, with spiritual chains being broken as hearts began to find healing in the restorative love of Christ.

As the session neared to a close, Pr Rachel shone the spotlight on the next generation.

“This Joseph generation will not have the fear of failure. It doesn’t mean you will not fail, but you will not fear it. If you know you cannot fail, that the impossible can be made possible, what mountains are you going to take?”

She then invited Joy, an 11-year-old of the Lun Bawang tribe whose grandfather, Pak Agong, had been a leader in the Ba’kelalan Revival, to pray for her generation, the Gen Alphas.

Pastors and leaders standing alongside Joy as she prepares to pray for her generation.

For nearly 15 minutes, the young girl poured her heart before the Lord — seeking forgiveness for her generation’s sins and beseeching Him to bring them into the fullness of their calling. She prayed for children in poverty as well as those affected by trafficking, abuse, conflict and war.

Finally, she stood up and surrounded by pastors said, “Let my people go!” seven times before the shofars were blown and the congregation joined her in declaring freedom and restoration over her generation.

In the afternoon, the theme of family saw generations coming together to honour one another. Pr Chew Weng Chee and Pr Lee Choo (SIBKL) along with Pr Dr Philip Lyn and Pr Nancy Lyn (Skyline SIB, Sabah) shared their hopes for the indigenous church of Malaysia, encouraging them to persevere and embrace their rightful place as the firstborn of the land.

Pr Rachel also shared a story that confirmed the timeliness of the Tribal Gathering. She’d had a vision of her grandfather offering her a key from a treasure box, which she refused. But her grandfather then told her, “You will take the key because you love Jesus.” 

She tucked that vision in the corner of her mind, until a few days before Tribal Gathering when she met one of the event’s speakers, Pr Hanny Setiawan of Fire Generation Church, Indonesia for a meal. At the luncheon, he gave her a gift — a key to the banquet hall of an old palace in Indonesia. For Pr Rachel, it was the confirmation that indeed, God’s hand has been upon this event all along.

Pr Rachel Bulan on the final day of Tribal Gathering.

The final night rally drew the largest crowd, with nearly 4,000 people flooding into the stadium. Praise began with a roar as Lifegen commenced the session with a loud, blazing worship set before Singaporean revivalist Rev Yang Tuck Yoong of Cornerstone Community Church came up to speak.

It was a time of refiring and renewal as a fresh wave of the Holy Spirit began to move in people’s hearts. Pr Rachel shared her testimony of breaking free from the addiction of drugs about a decade ago and she led the crowd to repent and break free from strongholds and addictions.

“I declare Miri a drug-free city in Jesus’ name!” Pr Rachel roared. She cried out for freedom and liberty for the next generation to be encumbered by sin and addiction. The stadium echoed shouts of deliverance and joy as many were set free.

The rally then closed with a heart-thumping praise party before everyone dispersed, vessels carrying forth the embers of revival to their families, communities, churches and nations.

Tribal Gathering was a three-day rally marking the 50th anniversary of the Borneo Spiritual Revivals, which became known as the Bario Revival. A 2024 date for the rally will soon be announced. To stay updated, follow Tribal Gathering here or visit

For more information, visit

Admission is free. This event is for non-Muslims only.

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