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“I learned that God doesn’t need perfection” – Vanessa, 14, on preparing for her five-minute preaching at youth camp

By Vanessa B

I only started getting closer to God recently this year. 

It was through an altar call and it changed my life! After that altar call, I was able to minister to a friend and when Pr Andy Yeoh (lead pastor of Generations church) heard my story, he gave me the opportunity to do a five-minute preaching at our youth camp. 

When he first asked, I was hesitant and nervousness overwhelmed me. So I prayed and asked God to make preaching come to my mind whenever I had time to think, and He did! So I said yes to Pr Andy. 

Vanessa (red top, black sweater) with youth from Generations Church.

In my chase for perfection, I rehearsed until 4am 

After the first day of camp activities, I decided I wanted to practise… thoroughly. I gathered some of my friends (who were willing to listen to me :D) and preached till 4am! I was just so nervous that my message was not perfect.

But one of our leaders, who was also listening and giving me feedback, asked me this: Is perfection actually achievable? I thought for a moment and realised I was so focused on what my idea of the best is instead of on what God actually wanted. He didn’t need perfection. 

It opened my mind and so I chose to persevere, but this time not focusing on perfection. I also overcame many other difficulties in that time period, and when I explained my situation to Pr Andy, he said it sounded oddly similar to my message. 

My sermon title and message was about journeying with Christ, and how He never leaves you alone. It felt like I was experiencing my own story all over again! 

Vanessa sharing her 5-minute sermon on journeying with Christ. Image: Generations Church

God gave me the opportunity to encourage others too

The next day I went up to preach and it went well! Thank God for all the guidance and experience He’s giving me! One thing that also touched me was that I encouraged a fellow friend, another five-minute preacher. 

He was part of my ‘audience’ that practice night and he compared his preaching to mine. He thought that his message wasn’t good enough; funny, because I felt the same way! So I sat down with him to practise and a few hours before it was his turn. One of our leaders saw him pacing up and down the field practising.

They said, “See! Look what you’ve done, now he’s practising hard by himself.” I laughed because I realised in a way, I had helped and encouraged my friend to also persevere and not give up. 

All in all, I just wanna praise God for how wonderful He’s been every time. It serves as a reminder for me, not to give up on God since He has NEVER given up on me 🙂

“He has never given up on me,” says Vanessa.

All photos by Vanessa unless otherwise noted.

Cover Image: Generations Church

Vanessa attended Generations Youth Camp on 11-14 November. She, along with four other youth were given the opportunity to deliver a five-minute sermon during camp. For more information on Generations Church, click here.

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